famous angels never come through england

england gets the ones you never need

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here I let go and was saved
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I am a girl like any other girl on here. I'm not overly fond of social activities, such as clubbing or working or Uni, but instead a fan of locking myself away in my room and just write. I also quite enjoy hanging out with my friends.
I am very fond of English literature, which is why I am going to a Dutch Uni of applied sciences. It is really the teacher course but the plan is to go to a 'proper' Uni next year and study English lit. As for school right now, there shall be lots of whining and possibly some laughter. Occasionally.
What you’ll find around here when you aren’t a friend of mine are stories. These are all fictional and most of the time they tend to get a little steamy, too. When you friend me, a lot of random things will pop up: music vids, memes, rants and obviously the occasional crying about useless things.

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